The new Community Development Team has been formed and held their first meeting! The Development Team consists of:

Grant Meder – Team Chairman/Human Resource Manager

Aaron Schwartz – Team Secretary/SFO Domicile Manager

Robby Sayles – President

Derek George – Flight Operations Director

Mark Savard – Community and Partner Relations Director

The intent of the Community Development Team will be to to review the entire airline, and discuss what to update, improve, and/or change. We will have weekly meetings with the set goal of improvement for 2017. Today, September 14th at 2300zulu we began our first meeting and some of the topics that we discussed included, staff structure, ranking structure, new events and more. Be on the lookout for polls in the near future looking for your opinion. Also in the near future, we will be seeking a couple of pilots to join us in some of our meetings, in order to give us their ideas and perspectives. More information on how to apply will be given soon. We also plan on having town hall sessions open to all pilots and other staff members for any questions, concerns, and ideas that you may have and that are intended for the Development Team. More information about town hall meetings will be released at a later date. The Development Team can be contacted anytime at [email protected]

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