Hello all,

As we venture into the month of October, I’d like to provide you with a recap for all that Operations has accomplished during September, and what we are striving to complete during October. But first, I want to say that we have an amazing operations staff team that are dedicated to making your experience here at VUSCI the best it can be. If you have any questions, comments or concerns pertaining to anything related to the VA, or flightsim in general, please don’t hesitate to email your Domicile Manager. That’s what we’re here for.

Now, onto the September/October status update. We managed to supply almost every domicile with a Domicile Manager, with the exception of Washington-Dulles (KIAD). If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing staff team, you can email our HR team at [email protected] to get started in the application process. In addition, there is a team of people who are currently working on restructuring the pilot ranking system, so be on the lookout for updates about that later in October. Furthermore, there were many successful group flights and events set up in September, so if flying with fellow pilots and having lots of ATC coverage on your flight sounds like fun to you, be sure to check out what we have in store for October, such as our group flight to Havana, Cuba on October 8th, or the ZSE Friday Night Operations of Fright and Flight hosted by the Seattle ARTCC taking place on October 28th. More information about these events can be found on Crew.

To top it off, I want to say that all staff members at VUSCI encourage pilots to be active within the community, because it can make your experience here a much more enjoyable one when you interact with your fellow pilots. There is a wide spectrum of topics to engage in with other pilots over at CCS, or you can share to our community on Facebook your flights and flight sim experiences. And for those who want to actually talk with other pilots, you can hop on our teamspeak server where you will find many other members of the community to chat with.

That is all from the Operations Department, so as always, blue skies!

-UAL3279 Matt Keane | Director of Flight Operations