United has scheduled their last revenue Boeing 747 flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii. They will be emulating the first United 747 flight in the 1970’s with retro flight attendants to a retro style menu and many other 70’s style themes. Tickets are already sold out after the announcement was made earlier Monday. Our staff is currently discussing a farewell event for the Queen of the Skies. We will constantly update you on the status of the last United 747 flight and even provide you media photos/videos on the last flight.
October 29th: Last Scheduled International revenue flight from Seoul to San Francisco
November 7th: Last Scheduled revenue flight from San Francisco to Hawaii
If you have any photos or videos of the real or flight sim aircraft please send them to me via email: [email protected]virtualua.org 

Your photo will be put into a collage with many other photos and your footage will be used in a commemoration video. *With your permission and credit given*