Hi all,

After one and a half years of development, we have finally released AMS (formerly called Crew) v5 Open Beta. This is a huge milestone for VirtualUA, and the biggest overhaul we have seen yet. We’ve worked countless hours to bring you a new and updated system that should last for years to come. This new system promises to be faster and more secure than ever before, while also bringing in a bring new user interface. AMS is now more mobile-friendly than it has been before, so our more mobile pilots will see a welcome upgrade, too. Sold already?

We also went ahead and update the homepage. After taking a look back at it after working on AMS, we decided that it didn’t quite look the part. It’s now also updated to look more modern and sleek.

Submitting Bugs or Suggestions

We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring you the best platform we can, but there’s only so much we can do ourselves. For that reason, AMS is now being released as an open beta. We want to make sure that all pilots have the opportunity to test out our new platform, so that it can work the best for all of us. We simply can’t do this without a little help from the community. To submit a suggestion or bug report, please head over to this page and sign up for an account. Please use your UAL ID for your username, and your real name for your name. This will help us keep track of who’s submitting what. Once you’ve created your account, head over to our Tracker. First, you’ll want to have a look around at both open and closed issues, to make sure that your suggestion hasn’t been suggested yet, or your bug hasn’t been spotted (or squashed) yet. If not, then create the issue. Please refrain from adding tags, milestones, or assignee’s to issues that you create. Also, please refrain from just asking general questions on the Tracker.

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