On Saturday, June 3, Virtual United Social Club, Inc., also known as VirtualUA, rolled-out its new brand image, marking a new season of growth for the community.

The new identity incorporates elements from VirtualUA’s previous branding, offering an updated perspective on the organization’s long history within the flight simulator and virtual airline communities.

“As we move forward as an organization, we wanted a new brand image that reflects our community’s history and potential,” said Tyler McBee, VirtualUA’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications. “VirtualUA has a strong legacy, and we believe this new brand identity will help us to continue providing a better community for our members.”

VirtualUA also reached another milestone with its pilots completing 1,000 flights during the month of May.

“This is a huge milestone as we continue to move into the summer months,” said Austin Thieman, VirtualUA’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Virtual United Social Club, Inc. (VirtualUA)

Virtual United Social Club, Inc. is a non-profit, virtual aviation organization for simulation pilots. VirtualUA is committed to creating an environment in which individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using flight simulator software. More information can be found at virtualua.org.

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