by: Mike Ortins, Community Manager

By now (and if you haven’t already, here you go!) I’m sure you’ve heard one way or another that VirtualUA has re-launched it’s Crew Communication System!  It’s going to be a fantastic system that will really increase the social community feeling! And after all, we are a Social Club!


Our new CCS will enable free, open, and simple communication amongst all members and staff.  Not only will it enable and encourage a more open and inviting community, it will also group much of the critical communication to our Pilots (and from them) in one simple place!  With a calendar for events, screenshots, monthly contests, and of course the hub operations. All of those elements are essential in making our interaction with you, the pilots, ever more simplified, allowing you to access all of that information all in one place!  And the benefits don’t end there, it will allow us to all discuss addons, help each other with technical issues, and have fluid, positive discussions.


While all that is great, what’s even better is what our new CCS is based upon!  Our new CCS is based on the latest in community software from Invision Power Services known as IPS4.  Not only does this mean that it boasts excellent stability, features, and security; it also means that there is a vast and powerful set of features we have to draw upon to constantly improve the CCS and make it better for you, our pilots!  And you’ve already experienced part of that benefit by signing in with the same details you used to sign into both the ACARS and the AMS on the website. All of your accounts at VirtualUA are synced to each other allowing you to have one set of credentials for all services!  


I know you all are going to love this new platform we have put together for you.  Staff members have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen, and it is truly going to change the way you interact with everyone here at VirtualUA.


One last thing, did you know that you can change your Display Name on CCS?  It’s simple to do just follow these instructions!

  1. Go up to the top and click on “UAL####”
  2. Select “Account Settings”
  3. Scroll down and next to “Display Name” select “Change”
  4. Now just enter your name in the format:
    • UAL#### Your Name Here
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Celebrate!


Can’t wait to see you all there and thank you for flying VirtualUA