We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 6th annual summer event. It was a huge success!

A big thank you to the VATSIM controllers who staffed the event, making our flights as realistic as possible. Also, thank you to our sponsors FSPilotShop, Flightbeam, FS2Crew, and REX  for graciously providing prizes for our members.

There were 14 prizes in total given out. A prize was given for the best screenshot and the best landing rate. Prizes were also awarded to a VirtualUA staff member and a participating VATSIM controller. The remaining 10 prizes were awarded at random.

Below are our winners. Congratulations!

  1. Best Screenshot – UAL5493 Daniel Garcia (Flightbeam KSFO)
  2. Best Landing (-18 FPM) – UAL5456 Peter Weiland (Flightbeam KDEN)
  3. Best VATSIM Controller – ZLA Controller/LAS Approach – Bradley Fishman (FS Pilot Shop Gift Card)
  4. VirtualUA Staff – Keith Lovell (FS Pilot Shop Gift Card)
  5. UAL5098  Muhammad Farid (REX)
  6. UAL5323 Eton Wallace (REX)
  7. UAL9064 Royal Reynolds (REX)
  8. UAL3887 Vladimir Kozina (REX)
  9. UAL3330 Benjamin Johnson (REX)
  10. UAL3320 Jay Kidder (REX)
  11. UAL5265 Andrew Evans (FS2CREW)
  12. UAL9032 Gary Feddema (FS2CREW)
  13. UAL5471 Brian Mccumiskey (FS2CREW)
  14. UAL4881 Mike Ortins (FS2CREW)

In order to claim your prize, please email [email protected]. You all made this event a great success and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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