We are currently hiring the following staff positions:

Flight Operations Manager (Houston and Chicago):

Flight Operations Managers must be available by email, forums, Discord, and social media as much as possible. They are the first line of contact for pilots assigned to their respected domicile. They are responsible for the oversight of their domicile, including monitoring pilot activity and reviewing Flight Reports to ensure they are within requirements of the Virtual United Member Handbook, and any other duties assigned by the Flight Operations Managing Director. FOM’s should be proactive throughout the Virtual United Social Club community. They send monthly reports to the Flight Operations Managing Director and must maintain/apply a level of professionalism throughout the Virtual United Social Club community. He/She will report to the Flight Operations Managing Director.

Fleet Repainter Manager:

Create custom star alliance repaints for the VirtualUA fleet. Needs to be knowledgeable in repainting aircraft as well as star alliance liveries. Must be able to utilize Google apps as well as discord.

Both positions utilize the same core qualifications:

-Must be 16 years of age or older.
-Must be active in Discord and other social media outlooks.
-Must be proficient in communication skills; oral and written.
-Must have a basic level of leadership skills.
-Must NOT be apart of any other Virtual United Airlines as staff.
-Must NOT be apart of any other Virtual Airlines as a staff member.
-Must be dedicated.
-Must be an active member for at least 60 consecutive days.

At Virtual United Social Club, we have many different departments, including Member and Staff Relations (MSR). MSR is the core HR department at VirtualUA. We take care of the hiring, paperwork, termination, and much more. At VirtualUA, we pride ourselves with excellence and putting our members first, and that is the core forefront of MSR and VirtualUA. If you are interested in applying, please email us at [email protected]  You may visit our Career Section by clicking here for our latest openings.