My name is Jay Kidder and I am your Managing Director of Airline Operations here at VirtualUA. Some of you might recognize my name from when I was the Flight Operations Manager at the Washington Dulles Domicile. Since then, we have created an entirely new department called Airline Operations. What does this department do? We manage the community here at VirtualUA as well as organize awesome group flights and events for all of our members. There will also be some exciting additions in the near future.

We have many great team members in the department. Mike Ortins is our Community and Engagement Manager. If you have any questions about CCS, Discord, or even the Facebook group page, do not hesitate to reach out to him and he will be more than willing to help you out.

Royal Reynolds is our Special Operations Manager. He is working hard to provide everyone with fun charter flights as well as tours. His most recent activity was the “Fly the Heavies” group flight. If you have any ideas for tours and charters, Royal would love to hear them.

Finally, we have Christopher Lintner. He facilitates and organizes all of our events here at VirtualUA whether it is a Friday night group flight or a larger partner sponsored event. As with Royal, If you have any questions or ideas in regards to events, please contact Chris!

My goal is to be very engaging with our community. So, I plan on writing a monthly department update for everyone to let you all know what we are up to and what we have accomplished the previous month.

All of our emails can be found in the “Our Team” section of the corporate tab on the website. However, I am going to list them here as well.

Managing Director Airline Operations – [email protected]
Community and EngagementManager – [email protected]
Events Coordinator – [email protected]
Special Operations Manager – [email protected]

Not quite sure who to contact? Email [email protected]and the appropriate person will get back to you!

This about sums it up for my first update. I cannot wait to see all of you in the skies!


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