Summer was a busy season for the Technology Team.  We worked closely with Marketing and Communications to implement our new branding as well as ensure our GDPR compliance.  The entire staff team worked tirelessly alongside us to implement and launch alongside  You may also have noticed some of the changes implemented in support of the Airline Operations Team such as the Hub Statistics page.

The team also welcomed a new member Giovanni Medrano as our Director of Development.  Gio is leading the effort to design the next generation of our web infrastructure.  Much of his work is behind the scenes at the moment, but you will start to hear more from him after the New Year.

Perhaps the most recognizable change was our most recent – the updated flight schedules.  We successfully implemented automatic quarterly updates with the ability to update on the fly (pardon the pun) as necessary.

As the final days of summer come to close, we are already thinking ahead to the many projects that await us this fall.

Blue Skies,

Keith Lovell

Vice President of Technology

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