MSR has been busy thus far for October. The biggest project for us has been integrating our corporate training over to our new training platform, Moodle, where our new pilot training center will be located. We are very excited to use this new platform! Also, we will be moving all corporate files over to CCS privately, instead of using our Google Drive storage. I cannot talk in detail of both of these, but at least there is an idea of what we do behind the scenes.

On the front-end, vUSCI has been having a successful month. As of October 20, we have had 13 new pilots accepted, and now boast 284 active pilots, with 525 total flights! As always, continue to send us your requests. We are looking at creating a new way to use points to allow the purchase of hub transfers and other HR management tasks when one may not be eligible for approval by HR due to pilot handbook restrictions. This is in the blackboard stage, and we look forward to exploring this possibility with HQTEC and upper management.

Fly high and blue skies!

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