Five months ago, we re-launched our Crew Communications System.  This has given things time to settle, people to explore, and time for us to make tweaks and improvements.  One thing I would like everyone to know is that CCS is never “complete” so to speak. We are always listening to feedback and making appropriate tweaks to it.  It will always be evolving and growing to serve our members and staff better. To aid in this effort, and to ensure we are giving you the best Crew Communication System we can, there is now a form that you may fill out with any feedback you may have regarding CCS.  I would encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings, and any other insights you may have. CCS is only one of the ways we have for our members and staff to engage with each other. Each having their place in the scheme of our community as a whole. I’m going to go a little in detail here and break down our various engagement platforms we utilize and what each of them are there for.  

Let’s start with Discord.  As I am sure many remember, prior to CCS, Discord was our way to share the bulk of our communications.  News, screenshots, announcements and more all filtered through there. However, for a couple of these things, it was not the ideal platform.  The two areas where this platform was less than ideal was news/announcements, and screenshots. In regards to screenshots, it was nearly impossible to see so many of the wonderful screenshots everyone has to share!  We also use these screenshots for our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts. So if you don’t already, keep an eye on our social media, you may see your image featured in a post someday soon! As for news/announcements, we would frequently encounter the same issue, where the information would sometimes get lost in the shuffle of everyday conversation.  So, when we moved to CCS, Discord took on a new role, being our hub for day to day conversations as well as our voice server for those looking to do group flights or hang out and talk.

We also maintain an active Facebook group for our members, where people post their flights, share other sim-related news, and staff post announcements (linking back to their news/announcement CCS post) for members to see.  This is an excellent tool for sharing small tidbits and stories and finding the links to the latest news on CCS. Pilots and staff alike also frequently share a small sample of pictures there to spice up their stories and give a complete image to their posts.

   This leads us to CCS, which is your one-stop-shop for all the latest news/announcements, contests, Hub information, and so much more.  Whether it be the event calendar, guiding you to your next online meet-up on VATSIM, or the various threads and sections we have teaching you something or helping you learn something new, there are virtually endless uses for the Crew Communications System.  When you share your images via CCS, you are adding them to the community database of hundreds of images from staff and members; everyone has access to see, comment, rate, or simply appreciate them! As I mentioned earlier this is very often where we pull our images for our various social media posts as well, so your image may be featured right on our accounts!  It also gives you a reliable listing of all the latest news, announcements, NOTAMs, contests, and events. You can look back as far as you would like right up until the present to see anything at all. CCS is also where you will find all the downloads needed for flying with vUSCI.

I sincerely hope that through our various platforms you are able to engage, grow, build new friendships, and learn with us at vUSCI.  I also hope that you, our members, will continue to help us build the best community within the Flight Simulation Community as a whole.  Please feel free at any time to provide me with your feedback either by the forum on CCS, or by sending an email to [email protected] And it is not without our incredible staff that we are able to provide all of this to our members.  If you are interested in a staff position at vUSCI, there is a section on CCS just for that, any open positions will be shown there, and I hope to see some of you join the team soon.

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday season,

Mike Ortins

Community Engagement Manager 

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