Virtual United Social Club would like to thank everyone for participating in our 6th Annual Holiday event! With your help, it was a huge success. Below are all of our prize winners.

Grand Prize Winner – Norbert Pflug-hofmayr

Best ORD-IAD Screenshot – Sammy Holmes

Best IAD-MCO Screenshot – Christopher Lintner

Overall Best Screenshot – Mark Springsteen

Best Landing Rate IAD – Richard Toth

Best Landing Rate MCO – Fabio Van Roon

Random Prize Giveaways

  • Fabio Van Roon
  • Joshua Williams
  • Richard Toth
  • Nicholas Hurford
  • Ryan Weber
  • Christopher Lintner
  • Lane Woolery
  • Romano Lara
  • Sammy Holmes
  • Muhammad Farid

We will be reaching out to the winners shortly.

A special thanks goes out to Chris Cersley from Sky Blue Radio for his efforts in spreading the word about our event. We would also like to give a special shoutout to our friends at for spreading the word as well!   

We would also like to thank Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Atlanta, and Jacksonville centers part of the VatUSA program within the Vatsim network for providing gate to gate air traffic control.

A huge thank you also goes out to our sponsors for graciously sponsoring the event by donating the awesome prizes!

On behalf of vUSCI, Happy Holidays to all!

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