As we prepare to enter 2019, it is time for our annual recap.

2018 was an excellent year for us here at Virtual United Social Club! We re-launched our crew communications system (CCS).

Members now can collaborate, share screenshots, download necessary files, and much more. If you are not already on CCS, click here to sign up.

vUSCI Staff team attended our first flight simulation conference in Dallas, Texas.  We had the opportunity to participate, collaborate with other flight enthusiasm at the annual FlightsimCon.  While there, we were also able to host our first staff conference. This enhanced and aided our team building efforts.

vUSCI renewed our legal agreement with United Airlines, Inc. in August 2018. This has allowed us to have a working relationship with the airline.

Our training department has been redeveloped, and we are looking at a first-quarter launch in 2019. This will allow us here at vUSCI to enhance our community member experience.

We also hosted three major online events this year: vUSCI Birthday Bash, Fun in the Sun, and most recently Home for the Holidays. They were all a success, and we look forward to next year’s big events!

We continued to build relationships with our Partners and Sponsors. We also added ORBX and SkyBlue radio to our partner’s list! To see all of our partners and sponsors as well get links to all of their websites, click here.

New community competitions were also launched in 2018. These include our monthly screenshot competition and hub competition. These have helped to grow the relationship and community feeling amongst our members. We look forward to continuing these initiatives in 2019.

To complement the monthly competitions, we also started monthly events. These included the NFL charter flights and tours. We look forward to expanding upon these in 2019.

Fun Fact, Saturday on Instagram and Snapchat, was also started. It is our weekly trivia game that helps to engage our members. We look forward to continuing the game throughout 2019.

Our flight schedules were even updated to reflect the real world operations of United Airlines. This has provided our pilots with the most realistic experience possible. If you notice a route is missing. Don’t hesitate to post it in the missing route request form on CCS. Click here for the direct link.

As of today, we have:

  • 438 Total Pilots
  • 11,478 Total Flight in 2018
  • 41,423 Total Hours in 2018

These numbers are just amazing. We want to thank every one of our members for making 2018 the success it was. We cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

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