Hi everyone!

We wanted to bring you an update for what we have going on with SKYNET and SKYLINK.  We have been busy squashing bugs and collecting your feedback!  First off on the SKYNET side of things we have already made the following changes and/or fixed the following bugs:

  • Optimized page/information loading
  • Corrected issues with Flight Report management
  • Corrected current location
    • NOTE: You currently do not need to fly from your current location. Flights will be recorded regardless of departure/destination
  • Multiple smaller bugs in the code.

Now let’s talk about SKYLINK and what has been going on over there.  We are aware of issues with attempting to file flight reports via the program. We are actively working on resolving that issue and will correct it ASAP.  In the meantime, you are welcome to file a manual flight report for any flights you do which do not file properly via our software.  We have also been made aware of an issue with SKYLINK crashing/force closing in certain instances.  We have recently increased the level of logging by our software to better pinpoint this bug as well as others which may pop up.  As for some other usability/quality of life issues we are looking at making the following changes:

  • Mute Button for announcements via SKYLINK
  • Filing of archived flight reports. Similar to the function from VUACARS, you now will not lose the previous flight if you forget to file or Skylink force closes.

We will keep you readily updated regarding the status our new platforms and the fixes, as well as changes being made.  

Please always reach out to us with any feedback you may have!

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