As we pass the one week mark with SKYNET & SKYLINK, this is a great time to pause and reflect on where we started this week, to where we are now, to where we go from here.  I also want to start by saying, this week could not have been so successful without the help of all of our pilots and staff.  Without your countless bug reports, suggestions, and feedback, we could not have made this much progress in one week!  

A week ago when we started this new phase of our organizations evolution, there were some speed bumps or hiccups as you will.  It was anticipated that we would have some immediate issues, and we did. What was amazing was how quickly and efficiently there were reported, identified, and fixed!  This has really been a team effort from all of us, and we are so grateful for all the patience, understanding and assistance in this.

Now let’s get onto the part about where we are today!  I’m extremely happy to tell you that some of the first user requested features for SKYLINK are making their way into your hands.  We have released a SKYLINK update tonight, version, that has quite a few changes. Please see the changelog here:

SKYLINK Change Log

– (NEW) Implemented File Archived Flight Reports

*Not compatible with flight reports from previous versions

A new button was added to the toolbar – Load Archived Flight Report.  This button opens a file selection window that allows the user to load an archived flight report.  If the flight report has already been filed, a message will display and the user will not be allowed to file the report.  If the flight report has not been filed, the Report Flight button will be enabled allowing the user to file the report.

– (NEW) Implemented Media Volume Control

*Changing the volume during an announcement will NOT affect the volume.  This is by design but may be changed in a later release.

*Tech Note: Windows SoundPlayer replaced with Windows MediaPlayer

A media volume control was added to the lower left corner of the UI.  The control utilizes a slider that allows the user to adjust the volume of the flight attendant announcements.  The announcements may be muted by moving the slider all the way to the left. The volume setting is automatically saved.

– (CHANGED) Added Client property to FlightReport

The Client property will be set to the application name followed by the major and minor version numbers.

ie. SKYLINK 1.0.x

– (CHANGED) Encryption removed from user name and password processing

Encryption is not required to keep user name and password secure within the application.

*This may be a possible cause of user login issues.

– (CHANGED) Login UI Updated

Plain text password added as tooltip on Password box (Helpful for user login issues).

Automatic selection of text to make updating easier.

– (CHANGED) Appended additional newline character to trace log entries to improve readability.

– (CHANGED) General Code Refactoring

On top of that we have made significant strides in SKYNET as well.  We have corrected numerous issues over the past week. We have also started to work on implementing new changes to your experience on there as well.  We have many more features planned for SKYNET, but those will be announced in due time (so stay tuned!).

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed our Update 4!  On top of this we will be updating our FAQ with a few new helpful tips to guide you through any changes.  We will continue to update the FAQ in relation to any future changes as well. I would like you to all continue to give s your feedback, suggestions, and report any bugs you may find.

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