This morning we just sent out our Summer Update for July! This update is BIG and includes a lot of information about changes and an FSExpo Recap. Go ahead and check your inboxes and don’t forget your Spam folder. Here is a preview of the Summer Update:

As the month of July comes to a close I thought I should give a little bit of a summer update to include our pilots on various news and information. We know the staff has been absent for most of the month of June and July. However, we are working on improving our communication skills. We love our community and we hate to keep our pilots uniformed of activities and special vUSCI information.

1: If you can tell there have been a few key staff members who have left the community due to personal reasons etc… So because of that, we have changed to regional management instead of specific domicile management.

2: Weekly Jumpseat Chatter, social media postings, and screenshot contests will resume starting the end of July. 

3: MSR is currently working on a revision of the POH and will be rolling out a new version of the handbook sometime soon.

RJ Toth | Vice President of Communications